Free Shipping! on doors and hardware systems within cont'l U.S.
Free Shipping on doors and hardware systems within cont'l U.S.

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Rustica Lock Measuring Guide

Measuring Distance

This is the measurement from the top of your door to where you'd like the lock handle. This measurement allows you the flexibility to place the locking mechanism where it will not interfere with any existing handles or fixtures pre-mounted to the door. You'll need at least 2-1/8" clearance below. See Picture

Hole Placement

Hinge Placement Instruction

Measure the existing slab, that you're wanting to replace, from the top of the door to the top of each hinge. You will format your entry in this format: Hinge 1- 10" from top of door. Hinge 2- 22.

Door Accessories

Spice Rack

The spice rack is great for holding an assortment of items.

Stories Told Bookshelf

Four shelfs total, our biggest bookshelf.

Steam Engine Bookshelf

Two shelfs, with a beautiful design.

Coat Hanger

The perfect coat hanger for any office or home entry.