Free Shipping! on doors and hardware systems within cont'l U.S.
Free Shipping on doors and hardware systems within cont'l U.S.
“An idea is salvation by imagination.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright
Our Story: the inspiration behind rustica hardware

As young newlyweds, we started out with nothing but a motorcycle and dreams of someday building a mountain cabin, so Mom’s generous offer of the basement apartment was heaven-sent. In between school and work we sat together in the apartment designing cabin décor. We’d begun something inspiring and decided to begin selling products. Paul would take our sketches, drawn on napkins and pizza boxes and bring them to life in the shop (Grandma’s garage). I looked for buyers through network marketing and the online catalog I’d created at

In 2007 with the help of a good friend we opened our family business with a cozy 80 sq. ft. basement showroom. Our rustic furnishings sold here and there, but we quickly realized that sliding barn doors and hardware were in high demand.

We were young and passionate risk takers, so we set out to change the way doors and hardware were made. From that point forward our shared vision was to create beautiful hardware and doors of the highest quality here in the USA.

Living on canned foods from Grandma’s old food stash, we muscled through late nights and early mornings of designing, building and countless hours staring at our computer screens. Constantly saving every penny, working together through these scrappy long hours, and the support of family and friends became the backbone to our success.

Our enthusiasm continued to grow, and over time, so did the business. While in the process of buying our first building, we’d drive by each day and sketch out ideas and plans for the future. The day we closed and received the keys to the building, our family slept on the floor of the shop where our hardware is now made.

2017 marks 10 years since our founding. It is an understatement to say that a lot has happened between then and now. We’ve outgrown our first building and created a showroom renovated from a cement factory circa 1938. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Art City, Springville, Utah. Today we work alongside the world’s greatest people.

The inspiration to create this company came from many sources- our dreams and ideas, God’s graciousness, the children who came into our lives and grounded us to what is most important and the generosity of our family and friends. We humbly say thank you and encourage you to surround yourselves by that which inspires you.

Kate & Paul Allen / 1520 N Main Street, Springville UT, 84663
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Rustica Lock Measuring Guide

Measuring Distance

This is the measurement from the top of your door to where you'd like the lock handle. This measurement allows you the flexibility to place the locking mechanism where it will not interfere with any existing handles or fixtures pre-mounted to the door. You'll need at least 2-1/8" clearance below. See Picture

Hole Placement

Hinge Placement Instruction

Measure the existing slab, that you're wanting to replace, from the top of the door to the top of each hinge. You will format your entry in this format: Hinge 1- 10" from top of door. Hinge 2- 22.

Door Accessories

Spice Rack

The spice rack is great for holding an assortment of items.

Stories Told Bookshelf

Four shelfs total, our biggest bookshelf.

Steam Engine Bookshelf

Two shelfs, with a beautiful design.

Coat Hanger

The perfect coat hanger for any office or home entry.