Free Shipping! on doors and hardware systems within cont'l U.S.
Free Shipping on doors and hardware systems within cont'l U.S.


Q: How long should my track length be?

A: For best results the track length should be a minimum of double the width of your door. Example: A 3ft wide door needs a minimum of a 6 foot track.

Please Note: Any track length over 8ft will come in separate segments which will be easy to combine with provided Splice Plates & Hardware. Example: A 5ft wide door will need a 10ft track which will come with 2 5ft segments.

If you require a size not listed call in for a custom order as we can fabricate any track length or customize the track to your needs.

Q: What size door should I order?

Q: How long will it take to get my order? Can I get a rush on my order?

A: Our production lead times can change from time to time. Please call in for our current lead times.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Yes. We offer a 30-Day return policy on our hardware. We do not accept returns on doors. Please note that a 25% restocking fee may apply to your order. Custom orders cannot be returned. You must return the hardware in new condition, with no damages. To return an item within your 30-day window please call our 1-800-891-8312 to request an RGA (returns that have not undergone this process will not be accepted). Once your hardware is received and inspected, you will be issued the refund.

Q: Where can I see measurements and specs for my hardware, where can I see those?


Q: Do you really offer Free Shipping?

A: Yes, we offer free ground shipping on any order over $50 when shipping inside the United States. Most door hardware dealers ask that you spend over $500.00 before they will help with shipping costs! Not us! It’s FREE!

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes. These orders can even be placed online without the help of the rep. We ship anywhere in the world. Additional charges may apply.

Q: Is it possible to overnight my order through UPS?

A: Yes. If you need to have your package shipped overnight we are glad to help. Please make sure you contact us via phone call to ensure this happens, and to find out what the charges will be.

Q: Can you ship using my UPS shipping account?

A: Yes we will! A $10 handling fee will apply.

Q: Is my information safe with you?

A: Yes. You can feel safe that we will never sell or share your information.

Q: Do you make custom hardware?

A: Yes, we have created some of the most incredible custom hardware you will ever see! Don’t be shy, let us custom build your door and hardware. Fill out your custom product application here:

Q: Do you have a paper catalogue?

A: Yes, call in at 1-800-891-8312 to request one.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday. And 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. Our showroom address is 1520 N Main St Springville, UT 84663. Our showroom phone number is (800) 891-8312.

Q: What is a backset?

A: A backset is the horizontal distance from the edge of a door to the center of a lockset or the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole drilled for your knob, lever or deadbolt. Also known as the measure of the horizontal distance from a lock face to the center of the keyhole or cylinder. The backset of your hardware is measured from the center of the lock edge for a beveled front, and from the lower step of the lock face for a rabbeted front. A common definition is: The distance from the middle of the handle or knob to the edge of the door. A 2-3/8″ backset installed in a 2 1/2” hole is the most common backset size.

Q: What is handling?

A: Specifying the accurate handling for your door hardware is crucial. Lever locks are “handed” because they are a high-end, custom product, with specific mechanisms which allow for a tight spring in the downward rotation of the handle set. Custom hardware levers do not have an upward rotation, they are made according to where your hinges are on the door. If the door’s hinge is on the right, you need a right-hand lever, or in other words, it’s a right-handed door. If the hinge is on the left you need a left-hand lever, it’s a left-handed door.

Q: What is a passage, privacy and dummy lock?

A: When ordering your hardware, you will need to determine how you want a particular door knob or door lever to function. The different functions are: passage, privacy, dummy, and key-in-lever. Passage locks do not have a locking mechanism, meaning you cannot lock a passage door lever or knob. The knobs and levers freely operate the hardware latch. You will most likely use a passage lock on your interior doors that lead into rooms that do not require privacy. An example of this is a door that leads into a pantry. Privacy locks have a locking mechanism, a way to lock the door from the inside of the room using a decorative, locking push pin. You will most likely use a passage lock on your interior doors that lead into bedrooms, bathrooms and any room that requires privacy. Dummy levers and knobs are fixed, meaning they do not operate like passage or privacy sets. You will most likely use a dummy pair (sold as pairs, normally installed as pairs) where no latch is needed, but a grip is needed in order to open or close the door. An example of this is on closet doors or French doors.

Q: What is a key-in lock?

A: A key-in lock is a lever with a key hole on the outside of the lever, giving you an option to lock the door with a key, and not just a push pin on the inside like you find with a privacy lock. Key-in locks are typically installed on exterior doors as well as doors leading into rooms that are unsafe for children.

Q: What is single cylinder? What is double cylinder?

A: Single cylinder deadbolts are keyed locks that have a key hole on the outside of the lock but on the inside there is a small, decorative turn latch. Single cylinder deadbolts are the most common.

Q: What does “key-alike” mean?

A: Rustica Hardware offers a “key-alike” service that makes ordering your hardware much easier. Door lock sets that are keyed-alike use the same key to open them. If you order a deadbolt and would like to use the same key that you use to open all your other doors you can simply send in the key and have your new deadbolt “keyed-alike” for a $5.00 charge. If you want all your locks keyed the same so that you have one key that works on each lock you need to specify that as you are ordering. Simply click the tab for “KEY-ALIKE.” If you order 5 deadbolts and do not specify “KEY-ALIKE” you will get 5 deadbolts with 5 different keys. Your other option is to pay a locksmith to re-key your locks and locksmiths typically charge anywhere between $19.00-$38.00 a lock for re-keying.

Q: What is a full mortise handle set and how is it different?

A: Rustica Hardware sells many different lines of full mortise handlesets. Our most popular full mortise handle sets are Rocky Mountain Hardware’s Curved Thumblatch Entryset, and Emtek’s Topeka Style. A full mortise handle set provides increased security, a quick lock convenience ability (locking the door without a key as you are leaving) and typically the most high-end designer style hardware demands a full mortise handle set. Keep in mind though, installation for the full mortise handle set typically takes three times as long as a standard handle set and requires significant knowledge of full mortise installation. Rustica Hardware does offer full motise handle set installation. Our installers have years of experience and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please call and speak with our representatives for an installation bid.

Q: What is an Escutcheon? What is a Rosette?

A: An Escutcheon, or Rosette or backplate is also known as an architectural item of the door which surrounds a keyhole or lock cylinder. With custom hardware, it is necessary to have the ability to custom make or specifically choose a style of Escutcheon and then make a separate decision regarding the knob or handle style that will be used with the Escutcheon. Some of the Escutcheon choices from Rocky Mountain Hardware include; Stepped Escutcheon, Curved Escutcheon, Arched Escutcheon, Maddox Escutcheon etc.

Q: How thick is the barn door hardware track? What are the track dimensions?

A: Our flat and J tracks are 3/16″ Thick, 2″ Wide and up to 8′ long. All track lengths are available, but we can only ship 8′ lengths max. So, if you are in need of any track size longer than 8′, we have a “splice” plate that you can add to your tracks to join any combination of track lengths together.

Q: Is the Barn Door Hardware loud as it rolls along the door track? What is the quietest wheel you offer?

A: The barn door hardware is barely audible. We have several videos which show the hardware rolling along the track, you can also hear how quiet the door hardware is as it rolls. The nylon wheel is the quietest, along with the all wood wheel. The steel wheel is slightly more audible than the nylon or wood.

Q: Can I pick up my hardware from your store?

A: Yes, just mention that this is your intent when ordering your hardware.

Q: What is a “Door Guide”? How does it work?

A: We have several images of different door guides that we offer but our standard door guide affixes to the floor with two screws. You simply mortise out a small groove in the bottom of the door and the guide slides through the mortise, keeping the door from swinging to and from the wall. When you place your order with Rustica we will carve out your doors mortise for you.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: We offer the only Lifetime Warranty online! If you have any issues with your hardware due to manufacturing errors, please return it for a replacement set. This offer is valid if it is due to a manufacturing error and not normal wear and tear or fading or changing of finishes. For a copy of our Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy, please provide an email address and we will send it immediately.

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Rustica Lock Measuring Guide

Measuring Distance

This is the measurement from the top of your door to where you'd like the lock handle. This measurement allows you the flexibility to place the locking mechanism where it will not interfere with any existing handles or fixtures pre-mounted to the door. You'll need at least 2-1/8" clearance below. See Picture

Hole Placement

Hinge Placement Instruction

Measure the existing slab, that you're wanting to replace, from the top of the door to the top of each hinge. You will format your entry in this format: Hinge 1- 10" from top of door. Hinge 2- 22.

Door Accessories

Spice Rack

The spice rack is great for holding an assortment of items.

Stories Told Bookshelf

Four shelfs total, our biggest bookshelf.

Steam Engine Bookshelf

Two shelfs, with a beautiful design.

Coat Hanger

The perfect coat hanger for any office or home entry.